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Our founding story

My journey with non-profits began long before the idea of Pledgy took shape. I had the privilege of working with incredible organizations, from big global ones, like UNICEF, to medium and small local associations. Each experience brought me face-to-face with dedicated individuals working tirelessly to make a difference.

However, as I immersed myself in the non-profit world, I couldn't ignore the immense space for improvement in data management, fundraising, and communication. Often complex and expensive tech solutions prevent these organizations from adopting innovative and efficient digital solutions.

This is our pledge. To help streamline operations so nonprofits can focus on their mission, effortlessly.

Ana Nunes da Silva, Founder

Meet Our Team

Ana Nunes da Silva - Founder
Ana Nunes da Silva

Founder & Software Engineer

Rita Fernandes - Advisor
Rita Fernandes


Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge - Advisor
Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge